A Path of Happiness


After one year of exploration, pilgrimage, meditation and travel, that began June 21, 2008 I am once again back where I started. I found my own path.

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  1. Traveling in a different culture, I learned more about myself.

  2. Mediation was the initial focus and the payoff was a completion of grieving for past losses, and a fresh start in life.

  1. Photography was for me a creative release, my art form of personal expression

  1. I am somehow the same, yet different, transformed.


May these words and pictures inspire you on your own Path, to return to your source of happiness and contentment as this journey did for me.

My intention is that you to may re-discover with passion, confidence, humor and insight your true nature, as pure spacious awareness and compassion.

To paraphrase the Navaho Beauty Way Prayer.

May you walk with beauty before you, may you meditate with beauty around you, may your create beauty from within you.

Please enjoy my journal, photo and video galleries. You may also order prints of selected images if you like at my printroom gallery.


The Take Away  - an excerpt from my most recent Journal entry.

Contentment vs Perfection, is a pivotal point in all this. 

I learned to be satisfied with less. This is not exactly the same a settling, though sometimes it is very similar. It is about cultivating satisfaction and gratitude for what one has. It is not continually striving for better and better, though that would seem to be more useful for fulfillment.  In the long run it is not.

If you feel you are settling you will not be content. So it will not bring happiness. I sometimes work with businesses in organizational development and time management. These are truly foreign concepts in rural (read the majority of) India. I was literally in banks without money, a post office without mail bags, coffee shops without coffee, and packing shops with no tape. Most businesses will not even have change for your payments. The point is no-one gets really upset, they are still happy.

“Have, have not, no difference’


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Travel - meditate - Photograph

All  those

    who wander

            are not lost

        Henry David Thoreau

Updated September 8, 2010